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Fiber for Meat Products

Our water and fat absorbing fibers have a number of advantages to introduce to modern product formulas...

Fiber for Dairy Products

The use of insoluble fiber in day to day food processing is becoming more popular. Food processors must be careful...

Fiber for Backed Food Products

The baked foods industry comes in second to the meat industry. Usage can be divided into two main sectors...

Fiber for Pasta and Snacks

Nearly all of these baked food products are mechanically packed and are later transported even...

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Welcome to InterFiber
Producer of Natural Food Fibers

InterFiber is a producer and supplier of high quality, insoluble dietary fiber (wheat fiber, bamboo fiber and powdered cellulose fiber) derived from natural plant sources such as wheat, bamboo and cellulose.

InterFiber acquires these raw food sources to bring our clients high quality food fiber of superior properties.

InterFiber gives top priority to the quality of its products and to the satisfaction of its clients. Striving to develop a company with a modern management concept and commitment to technological innovation and food safety, InterFiber adheres to the highest quality standards.

InterFiber's policy is to supply products that meet the expectations and needs of customers, as well as to provide clients with instructions for applications of InterFiber's products.

  • BRC

  • Halal

  • ISO-2200

  • Kosher


UNICELL® fibers improve your products

  • Overall cost reduction

  • Processing improvements

  • Improved water and fat absorption

  • Enhanced texture

  • Essential in health foods and dietary supplements

  • Pure and natural food fibers, wheat, bamboo and cellulose

UNICELL® - Go for Profit

Parallel with all technological and nutritional advantages Unicell fibers have strong impact on final product's cost.

It is a cost effective ingredient and imparts significant functional values to the food products.

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